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Tangential Parenting

Jun 11, 2019

We have another deep cut from the vault! Last summer Rachel decided I wasn't good enough as a co-host, so she press-ganged my wife, Jenny, into service. Besides bad-mouthing me, they talk about how to plan for summer, keeping kids busy while school is out, and their shared enjoyment of The Greatest Showman.


Get The...

Apr 24, 2019

A lively discussion between Eric and Rachel about an article from titled, PSA: Dad is Not the Babysitter. Who knew Rachel would get upset being told that it's her fault that she does so much to raise her daughter?

While Jenna Autuori Dedic tries to use her own reluctance to let go and let Dad do things...

Apr 5, 2019


Want to leave your kids? (We won't judge). It can be hard, especially when it's your first time. Depending on the age, traveling without your kids can be difficult on both you and your children. Eric and Rachel talk about their very different experiences and how they coped (or helped their kids cope).

As usual, they...

Mar 22, 2019

We're back! And this time, neither of us work.

Rachel attempts to get Eric to talk about how things are going as a new at-home dad. Instead, Rachel learns just how bad Eric is at pop culture, SNL references, and naming movies or actors. Between the the Chim Chimney cleanse, Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire, and the Zeus...

Feb 16, 2019

It's a lost episode!

While gearing up for another round of recording, Rachel found a lonely file on her computer. It turned out to be an episode we recorded back in July. We start off the rails, as usual, then talk about our experiences with potty training. My boys had just started, while Rachel's then-6 year-old had...